Poetry E.Motion (POEM)  – Art Medicine Workshops

These Art Medicine workshops inspired  the “Collateral Beauty Series” – a collection of books written by Naz Knight.

These sessions are designed to create feeling places that connect people via emotion rather than experience, producing amazing results with their healing, as both participant or observer. 

Poetry E.motion (POEM) is a build your own series of Art Medicine workshops, delivered in 3 ways:-

  1. One off sessions,
  2. A combined series of sessions,
  3. Or as taster sessions called Poetry Shorts.

POEM is moulded and formed by a dynamic team of Health Care Professionals, Counsellors, Artists, Healers and Educators and other Community Leaders who appreciate the healing power of words, digital arts and movement. As a result, these workshops promote personal growth and healing through spoken and written word, digital arts and movement.


These Art Medicine Workshops are designed to raise self- esteem and self–efficacy, explore emotions, raise self awareness, improve social skills and address unresolved emotions.  The longer session,  however are themed around overcoming specific emotional core issues:

  • Overcoming Abuse *
  • Overcoming Anger
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Overcoming Betrayal
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Overcoming Powerlessness
  • Overcoming Shame and Guilt
  • Overcoming Social Phobias
  • Overcoming Stress
  • Overcoming Trauma
  • Letting Go

Overcoming Abuse is a POEM workshop please see link below for the AVS Project. 


The AVS Project (Abuse Victim Support) provides a holistic package of emotional and practical support to both men & women aged 13+; who are dealing with domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape.  Whether this is something that’s happening now or has happened in the past, providing immediate and free one to one counselling psychoeducational therapy and art therapy for individuals, in safe and secure surroundings.

Poetry Shorts.

45-60 minute for up to 6 participants. Poetry and Expressive Art Therapy workshops.  All ages.

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Poetry overcoming

3-4 hour Poetry and Expressive Art Therapy workshops for between 8 – 10 participants.  Age 13+

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Poetry combined

Allows you to mix and match workshops as you require them.

We will work with you to create a programme that could run over a few hours, a day or across several months or weeks. 

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delivery training.

Poetry E.motion Delivery Training. This 12 week course is designed for health care professionals, educators, carers etc. who wish to gain, enhance and/re-enforce their skills. 


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Group Bookings:-

1 x Hour Workshop: £75

2 x Hour Workshop: £150

4 x Hour Workshop: £300

Individuals Bookings:-

Luton Resident:- Free

Non-Luton Resident:-

1 x Hour Workshop: £12.50

2 x Hour Workshop: £15

4 x Hour Workshop: £30

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delivery training Costs

Poetry E.motion Delivery Training.

This 12 week course is designed for:-

Health Care Professionals, Educators, Carers etc.

Who wish to gain, enhance and/re-enforce their skills. 

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