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‘A Rushlight Identity’  workshop explores “Identity” using wax as a vehicle whilst also serving as an introduction to candle-making. 

The “rushlight” candle was invented in Ancient Egypt in 3000BCE.  The stem of a rush is stripped of most of its tough outer fibre to expose the pith, which is then dipped in melted fat and used as a taper for illumination.  It takes repeated dippings to produce a candle.  I think this is an apt name for a workshop exploring identity whilst candle-making.

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Sample Demo session.

An introduction to candle-making demonstration.  Guests explore the types of wax, the candle-making process to completed candle. 

We have Beginner and Intermediate sessions also, where guests can learn to make their own candles to take home.  This includes:- A Pillar Candle, a Container Candle, A Designer Candle, tea-light, votive and floating candles. 

Guest will learn about using natural botanics, crystals, colour and fragrance as therapy for general well-being. 

Below is a sample of a demo session.

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Types of Wax


Wax, Water and Identity – What is the natural state of H2O?

·       Individual pellet – person/citizen

·       Collective weight – Society/community


Candle-Making Process

·       Heat

·       Colour

·       Fragrance

·       Mould (Use Jigsaw pieces Mould)


Free-Will vs. Determinism

·       Childhood Trauma

·       Labels (race, religion, gender, etc.)

·       Expectations of others

·       Roles


Painting Jigsaw piece Candles Participant Individual expression
Completing the jigsaw Birth day celebration of new awareness of self.

Wrapping of candles to take home.

A birth day gift to yourself.

Spark New Ideas

The candles featured are samples from the following Pen & Wax Paper Brands:-

“Design Your Own Candle”

“Afternoon Tea at The Candle Shop”

“Eve of Luton (Evolution)”

“Sugar & Spice” 

“Angels Whisper”

“Love Yourself – (Like your life depends on it!)”


Unique. Undefined.

Pen & Wax Paper’s “A Rushlight Identity” Workshop – By Naz Knight.  Pen and Wax Paper  is the commercial branch of NINE RED Presents… (CIC). A Rushlight Identity photo

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Poetry E.motion

Build your beautiful

NRP’s Art Medicine are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change. These traditional healing arts include music, art, dance/movement, poetry/writing, and drama therapies. These approaches combine artistic expression with psychological awareness and communication and are led by therapists experienced in all areas.

Poetry E.motion (Poem) is not a workshop itself, it is the method by which all our workshops are delivered and are designed to work in a similar way to “Pick n Mix” sweets, but this is for workshops.

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